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Zero Isolate from HX Nutrition is a powerful whey protein for the development and maintenance of muscle mass.

Made under the highest quality standards, it becomes our favorite protein by the most demanding athletes.

Our whey protein isolate contains 92% whey protein isolate (WPI), including an exceptional amino acid composition necessary for muscle growth. This is manufactured under the exhaustive standards of our laboratories and with the quality of the most recognized patent LACPRODAN®, which uses a meticulous microfiltration process to preserve the highest quality of the protein.

Its careful manufacturing process ensures a very high quality product with 27 grams of protein in each shake and high levels of branched amino acids, for rapid recovery and muscle growth.

It is considered in the market as one of the best pure sources of high quality proteins, very soluble in a wide pH range and with a wide high biological value.

When and how to take it?

We recommend taking it after training.

To do this, add a small bottle of protein (30 grams) to your shaker and add 250 ml of water or milk, now all you have to do is shake it and... enjoy it!

Flavors: chocolate / cookies with pieces of cookie / chocolate with hazelnuts / cookie / vanilla / strawberry / Catalan cream.

Available formats: 2 kg


Black cookies and cream: cereals, milk and soy

Other flavors: milk and soy

ZERO ISOLATE (2 KG) HX Nutrition

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