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OstroVit VITA&MINERALS Sport 60 caps

OstroVit VITA&MINERALS Sport is a dietary supplement containing essential vitamins and minerals for every athlete. The product has been developed based on the needs of active people. High doses and the best chemical forms of vitamins will compensate for deficiencies of key microelements. Our complex has been additionally enriched with a mixture of plant extracts and amino acids with antioxidant and adaptogenic effects.

A combination of vitamins and minerals necessary for every athleteHighly absorbable forms in high dosesOnly 2 capsules a dayMethylated B vitaminsOrganic forms of mineralsPlant extracts and antioxidantsFull 30 days of supplementationThe product does not contain: fillers, anti-caking agents or dyesWho should use OstroVit VITA&MINERALS Sport ?First of all, active people. The preparation has been developed for the hardest trainers, so as to be able to supplement the microelements of each athlete.What distinguishes our product from other multivitamins?Ratio/quality/price.Probably delving into the subject of supplementation, you discovered that vitamin - vitamin is not equal. We are well aware of this and therefore we have chosen the best forms, i.e.: vitamin B12 - methycobalamin, vitamin B6 - phosphate-5'-pyridoxal (P-5-P) or even folic acid - glucosamine salt of (6S)5 methyltetrahydrofolic acid (5-MTHF)and many other organic forms of minerals and highly absorbable vitamins. All this you can buy for only PLN 19.90 for 30 servings, i.e. PLN 0.66 for the daily dose.Multivitamin enriched with plant extractsAs the product was developed for a specific group of consumers, we decided to enrich it with plant extracts and amino acids, thanks to which our preparation will be even more effective. The extracts found in VITA&MINERALS Sport Sport are standardized, thanks to which you can be sure of the supplementation value of the ingredients used.B vitamins are a key "element" of any vitamin preparation. In our product they are in methylated form in sufficiently high doses.Vitamin A improves the condition of our skin, eyesight and immune system.Vitamin E has a positive effect on the proper functioning of muscles and sperm production in men.Vitamin C has a beneficial effect on the nervous and immune systems.Minerals derived from organic forms with high bioavailability, such as: iron, manganese and copper bisglycinate (chelate), chromium and zinc picolinate, selenium (L-selenomethionine), magnesium, calcium and potassium in the form of citrate.KELP, i.e. Japanese leaf extracts, is an excellent source of natural iodine.Ashwagandha, more precisely, ashwagandha root extract is the most popular adaptogen. It has a positive effect on well-being and supports everyday functioning in stressful conditions.Nettle supports the proper functioning of the urinary system.Piperine derived from black pepper extract accelerates digestion and absorption of key vitamins and minerals.Green tea in the form of an extract from its leaves is one of the most popular antioxidants. The high content of polyphenols with antioxidant properties has a positive effect on the athlete's supplementation.NAC, i.e. a derivative of L-cysteine, which is part of glutathione. Endogenous amino acid with a strong antioxidant effect.ALA also protects against free radicals and has a positive effect on the production of glycogen in our muscles. It has a chelating effect.ATTENTION! Due to the ingredients used in the OstroVit MIN-MULTI 30 caps product (mainly selenium in the form of L-selenomethionine), the product has an irritating, unpleasant smell.Laboratory-proven qualityFor the sake of our customers' health, the products we manufacture are regularly tested in an independent accredited laboratory to ensure and maintain the highest quality.

VITA&MINERALS Sport – 60 caps – OstroVit

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