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Protein intake is one of the key factors in the athlete's diet. The high stress to which muscle structures are subjected during training and competition increases the protein needs in the body. Providing muscle fibers with the amino acids necessary to stimulate their growth and recovery must become a priority.

HX PREMIUM protein supplements combine innovation, efficacy and quality in a range of products that include the best patents on the market and that have been formulated thanks to the multidisciplinary work carried out in our R&D&I laboratory. All this while maintaining the highest quality standards that characterize our range.

REAL WHEY is a magnificent protein supplement for professional athletes who focus on changing their bodies by creating more quality muscle, with a very low intake of carbohydrates and fats, maintaining general health and avoiding muscle catabolism.

The extraordinary formula and composition of this supplement will allow you to develop muscle mass and significantly increase its volume, also guaranteeing the best digestion thanks to its quality patents.

A protein with 80% whey protein concentrate (WPC-80), rich in nutrients and that also has the 9 essential amino acids, making it one of the most complete proteins on the market that stands out for its solubility, dissolution and its wide range of delicious flavors.

Flavors: chocolate / black cookie and cream (oreo) / chocolate with hazelnuts / cookie / white chocolate / vanilla / strawberry / Catalan cream. Prepare your smoothie to go to the gym in just a few seconds!

Format: 2 kg


Black cookies and cream: cereals, milk and soy

Other flavors: milk and soy

REAL WHEY (2 KG) HX Nutrition

240,000د.ت Regular Price
220,000د.تSale Price
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