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  • Energy Value  370 kcal
  • Fats <0,5 g,
  • incl. saturated fatty acids <0,5 g,
  • Carbohydrates 69 g w 1 porcji,
  • incl. starch 68 g w 1 porcji,
  • incl. sugars <0,5 g,
  • Protein <0,5 g,
  • Salt0 g.


VITAGO is a dietary supplement that’s very often used by sportsmen. It’s equally popular among experienced athletes, who do sports professionally, as well as by those for whom physical activity is just a hobby.

Why do sportsmen choose VITAGO so often? First of all, it’s an easily digestible powdered form carbohydrate supplement. Every athlete knows how important the function of carbohydrates in their diet is. Without the proper supply of carbohydrates you can’t achieve satisfactory results. Unfortunately, in modern world it’s easy to forget about the most crucial ingredients of our diet.

After workout carbohydrates are needed in order to replenish glycogen deficiency in your muscles, which can be caused by intense physical effort.

It’s glycogen that’s your main fuel during workout. During workout we lose glycogen, so it’s recommended to quickly supply easily digestible carbohydrates. That’s when VITAGO comes to the rescue! Consumption of carbohydrate supplement after the workout is extremely important – it enables your body to regenerate quickly.

What’s more, after a heavy workout VITAGO can restore your vital energy. Sportsmen often feel drowsy and tired after the workout. With VITAGO you can get rid of this feeling. Naturally, nothing stands in the way of using this supplement before workout or at any other point of the day. It all depends on one’s individual needs and preferences.


A huge advantage of VITAGO is its ease of use. All we need to do is mix one serving of the product with 700 ml of water and drink it immediately.

The recommended daily dosage of this product is 75g, which is equal to 1 measuring spoon. The recommended daily dosage should not be exceeded. One package contains 1000g of the product, which is enough for 13 daily servings. When following our recommendations, one package should serve 2 weeks of training.


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