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New Protein from HX Nature is a protein based on dairy protein concentrate, with 70% protein percentage and just 28% carbohydrates that will help its absorption, with absolutely delicious flavors. This raw material is sprayed and made from high-quality whey, using a strict ultra-filtration process.

Its low-temperature processing guarantees the retention of nutritional and functional properties, maintaining a high percentage of Branched Amino Acids (BCAAs) that favor the recovery and performance of the athlete by being direct stimulators of protein synthesis. In addition, its low content of saturated fats, with only 1.3% carbohydrates and no added sugars, creates a fat-free muscle.

Flavors: chocolate / white chocolate / hazelnut chocolate / black cookies and cream / golden cookie / Catalan cream / vanilla / strawberry / salty caramel

Format: 2 kg


Black cookies and cream: cereals, milk and soy.

Other flavors: milk and soy.


د.ت230.000 Regular Price
د.ت210.000Sale Price
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