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Collagen + vitamin C 400g Ostrovit is a supplement based on bovine hydrolyzed collagen and ascorbic acid, two compounds that will significantly help connective tissues to function properly, including the skin.

Collagen is one of the main proteins present in the body, it is the most abundant since it is present in all connective tissues and also in bones.

Its properties go back to the elasticity and compactness of these fabrics, which are fundamental both for an aesthetic issue and for the functionality, for example, of joints.

Collagen + vitamin C: nutritional focus

As we said earlier, collagen is essential for connective tissue, especially for the skin that is particularly rich in it. The problem is that over time, our endogenous production decreases and, therefore, to stay young and fit, a supplement may be desirable.

But let's see what are the specific properties of the two constituents of the product, and therefore:

Collagen offers resistance and firmness to tissues, in particular it helps the skin to be attached to the muscles and therefore gives a more tonic and younger appearance, it is also linked to a series of other plastic characteristics that put tissues in conditions to adequately withstand the different constraints to which they are subjected, we also talk about tendons, ligaments and cartilages;

Vitamin C is an essential micronutrient that actively participates in the natural synthesis of collagen, it is also a powerful antioxidant and therefore reduces the presence of these free radicals that damage and age tissues.

You can therefore use this supplement both for a question of physical appearance and for a discourse of joint functionality in sport or related to simple walking.

Instructions for use and combinations of collagen + vitamin C

Take 10 g of powder dissolved in 200 ml of water once a day when you deem it appropriate, perhaps better to take it in the evening before sleeping to better help restore damaged collagen fibers.

Do not increase this dose because it would be useless because the body's ability to use nutrients is limited, and nearly 9g net of hydrolyzed collagen are enough to meet our needs.

As for the possible synergies, you can combine different nutrients to amplify the different effects of the product, let's see them:

Proline and glycine are two amino acids that are always present in the chains that make up the protein molecules of collagen, so their importance is deduced from it;

Hyaluronic acid, another compound already self-produced by the body that solidifies the structures made up of collagen, in fact the collagen fibers are immersed in this gel which is precisely hyaluronic acid;

Glucosamine and chondroitin, two essential compounds to help in the regeneration of cartilage but also other constituents of the different connective tissues;

Boswellic acid is a plant extract used as an anti-inflammatory to soothe joint pain;

Coenzyme q10 and alpha lipoic acid, two very powerful antioxidants that control the presence of these free radicals that damage the structures of tissues and in particular the skin.

Collagen + Vitamin C 400g ostrovit

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