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Refined raw salt, rich in non-iodized trace elements

Origin: Pakistan (Himalaya)

Designation INCI: Sodium chloride


Natural Himalayan salt, with a high concentration of mineral salts and trace elements:

Sulfates (9000 mg/kg), Potassium (2100 mg/kg), Magnesium (1000 mg/kg), Calcium (1800 mg/kg), Silicon (100 mg/kg), Zinc (2.5 mg/kg), Manganese (1.5 mg/kg), Phosphorus (1 mg/kg), Iron (30 mg/kg), Selenium (0.25 mg/kg)...


Skin care:.

Renowned for its detoxifying effects

Effective exfoliant for rough areas and feet

Beautiful pink color, very aesthetic to prepare bath salts

In the kitchen:

Fin and delicate taste, appreciated by the greatest chefs

Unrefined, the pink salt of the Himalayas is particularly rich in mineral salts and trace elements including iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, copper, manganese, phosphorus and zinc.

Unlike sea salt, this rock salt is non-iodized.

Sel Rose l’Himalaya fin

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