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Real Pharm Vege Protein is a complete set of plant-based proteins. It consists of soy protein isolate, pea protein, cranberry, rice and sunflower. The list of ingredients also includes a sweetener: xylitol. Depending on the flavor we choose, aromas, acidity correctors (in the case of fruit flavors) and cocoa with a reduced fat content (chocolate flavor) may also appear in the composition. One dose of the product (30 g) contains 22.5 g of pure protein and 0.5 g of fiber. These values are slightly different for the chocolate flavor.

Protein is extremely important in the life of each person who trains. People who follow a vegan and vegetarian diet have a somewhat difficult access to this nutrient, so they often have to decide on their additional supplementation. Protein is essential for the body to maintain the functioning of basic processes. People who train need a little more, because it is the basic component of the muscles. This means that without the right amount of protein in the diet, our biceps will not grow.

Real Pharm Vege Protein provides the body with all the necessary proteins that support not only muscle development, but are also responsible for the production of hormones and enzymes. Proteins are also involved in the detoxification of the body from unnecessary metabolic products, supporting the work of the kidneys and liver. In addition, in crisis situations, the body uses them as a source of backup energy.

The high consumption of proteins also has a significant impact on the process of reducing body fat, accelerating our metabolism. Therefore, it is worth taking care of your supply not only when we are building muscles, but also when we are in reduction.


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