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Excellent taste!

We selected this brand because, in addition to its advantages described below, taste is our top priority!

And it's amazing! We tested vanilla and chocolate (not strawberry), and both flavors are simply sublime!

Authentic flavors, undenatured, that mix instantly with a quick stir, no shaking for 2 hours...

In any case, for us, after using many protein products for our workouts, this one is among our favorites!

Focus on PROSTAR 100% WHEY:

Not too sweet, 25g of protein per serving, 6g of BCAAs, as often, American brands bring out their array of dosages!

Composed of 3 proteins, Whey protein isolate, Whey protein concentrate, and whey peptides: This protein has a perfectly balanced formula, especially to provide muscles at will!

PROSTAR 100% WHEY is dosed at 84% protein, making it very rich, especially considering it's partly made of isolate, which helps build well-defined muscles!

This protein is suitable for both men and women. Men, thanks to their heavy training, can develop bulky muscles, and women, through longer training and cardio, can sculpt a dream figure!

It's taken with a basic product during workouts: BCAAs, to better nourish the muscle for better performance.

With glutamine, to aid muscle recovery after intense workouts.

And if you want to energize your body, adding a strength booster will push your muscles to their limits!


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Saveurs: Chocolate Créme
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