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OstroVit Delicious GAINER is a carbohydrate and protein supplement intended for all those who wish to build their muscle mass. The product is rich in carbohydrates (76%) which serve as a basic source of energy. Do you do sports and want to easily increase your body weight? Or maybe you are an ectomorphic and have problems with achieving the desired figure? OstroVit Delicious Gainer dietary supplement is the answer to your needs.

What is OstroVit Delicious GAINER conditioner?

Dietary supplement OstroVit Delicious Gainer is a high-calorie powdered supplement, in the composition of which you will find both carbohydrates and protein and fats, including saturated fatty acids. The product can help you build your muscle mass, supplying you with ingredients that support weight growth. Thanks to a handy form of powder, the gainer is easy to prepare and can be taken anywhere – to the gym, to the workplace, to the university or on a trip.The product is a balanced meal substitute which can help you quickly meet a daily calorific need of your organism.

OstroVit Delicious GAINER is an easy idea for a tasty snack and can be prepared in a few moments. It is available in five flavors so that you can choose the most suitable variant. Choose our carbohydrate and protein supplement if:

you want to increase your muscle mass

you have no idea for a nutritious snack

you want to quickly calculate the caloric value of a meal

you are an ectomorphic

you want to gain weight

you have difficulties in having meals on a regular basis

OstroVit Delicious Gainer 4500 g

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