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ISO WHEY favors the recovery and performance of athletes and helps to gain or maintain volume.

Thanks to its variety of incredible flavors, you will enjoy each intake to the fullest and, in addition, you will see its great benefits due to its low content of saturated fats, with only 1.2% carbohydrates, no added sugars and a high content of Branched Amino Acids (BCAAs). The result is a formula for success for those looking to get a fat-free muscle.

ISO WHEY from HX NATURE contains DigeZyme® to facilitate the digestion process.

This protein, developed in our own GMP certified laboratory, is one of the most demanded by our customers due to its rapid absorption thanks to the isolate it contains.

Flavors: chocolate / white chocolate / black cookies and cream / chocolate hazelnuts / Catalan cream / vanilla / golden cookie / strawberry / salty caramel

Format: 2 kg


1. Black cookies and cream: cereals, milk and soy

2. Other flavors: milk and soy

ISOWHEY (2 KG) HX Nutrition

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