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⦁ Helps to increase muscle mass

⦁ Contributes to weight gain

⦁ Increases strength and performance

⦁ 700 calories per serving

⦁ Contains 23g of whey protein per serving

⦁ 119g Carbohydrates per serving

⦁ Vitamins and minerals

⦁ Mixture of amino acids

This incredible product helps to develop muscle mass and therefore to gain weight.

Gainer Max is a supplement composed of 119% Carbohydrates and 23% protein and provides more than 619 Kcal per daily intake.

It is an ideal product for people who are looking to increase their carbohydrate intake, either because they want to increase the calories in their diet, or because they need an additional supply of energy to carry out a workout, whether it is fitness or resistance.

Mass Gainer by Procell is a nutritional supplement that will bring additional calories and proteins to your daily diet. Stimulate your training by increasing your muscle mass, strength, energy and endurance, as it covers a large part of your nutritional needs.

It contains 23% whey protein, which offer a wide range of amino acids, in addition to being quick to assimilate and with a large margin of absorption. You will get the energy of its 5 types of carbohydrates that release insulin sequentially and prolongedly, which promotes anabolic conditions in the body.


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