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CarneBOLIC™ is the leading beef-based protein powder. Filtered from high-quality hydrolyzed gelatinized beef, each 28-gram serving of CarneBOLIC™ provides 24 grams of muscle-enhancing beef protein. If you're seeking the benefits of beef without carbs, fat, or sugar, opt for CarneBOLIC™ and integrate it into your daily training program.

It promotes muscle development, enhances physical performance, and reduces muscle fatigue.
Accelerates post-workout muscle recovery.
Contains all the amino acids from beef.
It's free from fat, cholesterol, carbs, or sugars.
All the beef amino acids to enhance and improve your muscles! CARNE BOLIC is the ideal protein supplement for any athlete looking to rapidly and effectively increase muscle mass, as it enhances muscle development, improves physical performance, and reduces muscle fatigue.


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